Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Disclaimer: Hey Moms and Dads, Counselors, and Volunteers, please note, due to the nature of the circumstances, this FAQ page will be updated consistently to address any concerns and needs you may have! Please continue to visit it, otherwise reach out to us at onlinereg@vrajyouth.net

Time Zone Disclaimer: Camp timings for classes and activities will be held during EST (Eastern Standard Time)!


Registration link will allow you to fill out an application! Please note that in order to sign the following prerequisites do exist:

  • Previous experience with Vraj Youth Camps
  • Tech Savvy abilities due to virtual nature of camps

Although we are all eager to return to normalcy, as in the past, we require that any counselor agreeing to participate in virtual camp must honor their commitment.

At this time, a preliminary schedule has been laid out. This schedule will allow for flexibility. All mandatory commitments are 5PM onwards to accommodate the work day, but one full day of participation is expected. See question 5.

We ask all counselors to be available from 5-6:15PM every day for bonding time with campers and Virtual Yamunashtak. The day you choose to commit a larger span of time is flexible. If a certain time is inconvenient for you, let us know prior to, and your HC will do their best to work with you.

There will be one counselor assigned to attend classes each day. Just like in-person Camps, counselors are only assigned to one day of classes. Yoga is optional, but a great way to start the morning every day!

The spirit of the counselor role has not changed as we go virtual. Counselors are the heartbeat of camp and are still expected to keep campers engaged and excited. We ask our counselors to potentially provide assistance when creating content for counselor-led afternoon activities. Counselors should also be submitting videos for our virtual Final Campfire

Campers will receive participation points throughout the week. Establishing this point system and how to total points will be determined by the Youth Committee.

Similar to the traditional camp experience, HC’s serve:

  • HC’s will assign campers to their respective counselor.
  • HC’s will be responsible for determining which counselors will be assigned to each day of class and attending meetings with Camp Leadership.
  • HC’s will be the main point of contact between the Youth Committee and Counselors.
  • They will maintain attendance of campers and counselors during the day’s activities and classes.
  • They are expected to be available throughout the entire week.
  • HC candidates will be interviewed.

Yes! We are looking for counselors with at least one year of counseling experience. If you are still interested in giving the campers a great Vraj experience, please fill out the specialized application for Vraj Camp 2020: Home Edition.


Registration link will allow you to fill out an application! Please note that in order to sign the following prerequisites do exist:

  • Previous experience with Vraj Youth Camps
  • Tech Savvy abilities due to virtual nature of camps

Material will be provided, but we encourage the volunteers to bring their own style and ideas to make it more fun and interactive for the campers.

You need to commit about 3 hours per day.

A six day commitment is required.  You can sign up for the entire week or serve the same day for five weeks  (i.e. every Monday) plus Sunday of first week. Saturday is transition day. Directors have to attend an entire week.

Yes! Please indicate your availability for multiple camps on your application, we will reach out to you for additional camps, if needed.

You need to have access to a computer/laptop with a video camera.

All the numbers/virtual classrooms will be set up for you and instruction will be provided on how to access.


Your favorite counselors will all be there, in fact we have a pretty fantastic lineup of bhai’s and bhen’s that are excited for each camp! They will be with you throughout the week, mini hang out sessions, and to guide you through a ton of activities!

Food is one of the best parts of Vraj Camp, and it can’t be amiss! We have something fun up our sleeves in order to make sure you get the full experience, food and all! 😉

Dust off that guitar and put on your best dancing shoes, there will most definitely be a final campfire. Enjoy it on a big screen in your living room, or in your backyard with a real fire!

Of course! We will have one mailed to your home.

Assignments are highly encouraged; upon completion, you’ll receive points. Each assignment is worth points that you can put towards our Vraj Youth merchandise (Coming soon!)

Every evening, you’ll email in your assignments (we’ll provide that link for you!) The Vraj Youth Committee will be keeping track of points. Your final point totals will be e-mailed to you after camp.

All information about video conference rooms for classes and activities will be provided to families at the start of camp. Just make sure you have an internet connection and a computer ready!