Darshana Auntie.

Our beloved Auntie, Darshana Mehta passed away on December 28, 2018.

She had been a dedicated camp volunteer for almost 20 years. Darshana Auntie’s dedication has molded the Vraj camps into what they are today; she made sure that all who attended the camps were well fed. It’s because of Darshana Auntie’s attention to detail that “the food at Vraj Camp is great.”

Regardless of other duties that Darshana Auntie took on during the camps, she could always be found in the kitchen. This is how memories of Darshana Auntie will forever live in our hearts; her amazing smile and an apron tied around her waist ready to make each campers week memorable. She was a beautiful soul, and she will forever remain in our hearts.