How we came to be

Formally established in August of 2005, Vraj Youth Committee has become a home to Vraj Youth far and wide. From its early conception, VYC has overcome the initial obstacles and proved itself as a permanent and vital part of the Vraj Family.

VYC has grown from 8 campers to over 550, and the numbers keep rising every year. We strive to promote and protect our culture by devoting our time and volunteer efforts at Vraj events; With a large network of alumni, we manage and execute various gatherings and programs to unite and encourage Hindu youth in America.

Every year, we see newer generations of Vraj Youth, some of whom are grandchildren of the pioneers of Vraj. As our organization flourishes, we are constantly looking for more active and interested youth to help us accomplish our goals.  Have a look around our new website and meet the friendly faces of VYC. Follow us on Social Media @vrajyouth to follow our journey!


The Vraj Youth Committee is dedicated to preserving and nurturing the intellectual, spiritual and cultural development of Hindu youth by encouraging service to our community and broadening knowledge of our Indian heritage.

Vraj Youth Executive Board

The Vraj Youth Executive Board works hard all year long to make sure Camp and all of our events run smoothly every year. Below are the various committee’s which help make this possible.


Brinda Bhatt, our Chairperson, who has helped Vraj Youth grow and flourish. With her dedication to Vraj and its future, the Vraj team and community have the support they need in the on-going success of Vraj.

Vice Chair

Rakesh Patel, our Vice Chair, who leads alongside our Chairperson. He has helped Vraj Youth grow and has helped foster many of the relationships Vraj has today. His dedication to the Youth and the Vraj community will help push Vraj to new heights.

Vraj Youth President

Jesal Patel is our new President of Vraj Youth. Jesal grew up with Vraj camp. He started as a camper, continued as a counselor, and then eventually became a part of the Vraj Youth Committee in expanding our Community Outreach. He has represented Vraj throughout his entire life, and under his leadership Vraj Youth looks to keep expanding.

Vraj Youth Committees

The Vraj Youth Committees work hard all year long to put on a lot of the Vraj Youth events, as well as helping Camp operations. Below are the various committee’s and their members, who help make this possible.

Camp Counselor Committee

All of the fantastic counselors who come and participate at camp each and every year have to go through a rigorous process and only the best of the best are chosen by our Counselor Committee!

Eggstravaganza Committee

Our Eggstravaganza Committee keeps us updated on the new and exciting events Vraj Youth holds throughout the year, which help us give back to our surrounding communities.


Our annual Summer & Winter Retreats let counselors of past & present come together outside of Camp to reconnect with old friends, create new friendships, and maybe learn something new. Without our Retreat committee this wouldn't be possible!


Our Vraj Youth Scholarship honors and encourages well-rounded youth in their educational endeavors. The Scholarship Committee handles everything that goes into making sure kids have the best opportunity to succeed.

Seva Day

Our various Seva Day's throughout the year let the youth come together outside of Camp to give back to Vraj through various forms of Seva. Whether it's cleaning up the grounds, or planting trees, we want to be able to give back to the place that has given us so much more.

Public Relations

Our Public Relations Committee keeps us updated on all things Vraj throughout the year!

Camp Committees

The Vraj Camp Committees are the brains behind the magic when it comes to making sure Campers, Counselors, & Volunteers have all the necessities available to have a great camp season. They help support the Vraj Youth Committee by making sure a lasting legacy can be left for future Vraj Youth members. Below are the various committee’s which help make this possible.

Adult Retreat

You can never outgrow Vraj Camp! Come and spend an exciting week at Vraj, filled with activities geared towards campers 35 and older.

Lead: Kamini Desai-Carroll, Mallika Patel


The facilities committee makes sure that our campers, counselors, and volunteers are comfortable during their week at camp.

Lead: Mahendra Patel


Our Vraj, Gujarati, and Culture Classes are fundamental to our camp. The curriculum committee works all year round to bring new and exciting ideas to the classroom.

Lead: Asha Sanghvi

Volunteer Coordination

Volunteer Committee searches high and low to find the best volunteers. Parents, reach out to the Volunteer Committee and sign up today!

Lead: Bina Rathod


You are never hungry at Vraj! The Kitchen Committee works all year around to test recipes to ensure that our campers get the tastiest food.

Lead: Suhas Sheth

Vendor Management

The Vendor Management Team makes sure that all the supplies are on hand to make our camps run smoothly. They are vital to building relationships with the local community.

Lead: Hitesh Anklesaria

Afternoon Activities

Summer afternoons are meant for building memories. The Afternoon Activities Committee brings creative ideas that facilitate camper, counselor, and volunteer bonding.

Lead: Asha Sanghvi

First Aid Committee

Injuries and illnesses should not take away from the camper's experience at camp. The First Aid Committee ensures that the First Aid Cabin is fully stocked with necessary supplies for each camp week. They review camper medical information and make certain Counselors and Camp Directors are aware of the camper's health history.

Lead: Kunal Shah, Rina Shah-Kapoor, Purvi Parekh

VYC Adult Committee Alumni

Hemant Patel
Kamini Desai-Carroll
Mahendra Shah
Mallika Patel
Manisha Patel
Mayank Mehta


Our Technology Committee are the folks who handle everything that goes behind the scenes from making sure our website is up to date, making sure Camp registration goes off smoothly, and making sure everyone at Camp has the resources they need!

Lead: Ronak Kadakia, Shirali Choksi, Devang Vasani, Mitesh Parikh


Lets Keep Our Memories Alive!!

Our Photography Committee captures VYC memories throughout the year and makes sure that you can relive them,

Lead: Hitesh Anklesaria, Shishir Sheth, Rakesh Patel