2022 Camper Registration Part I - General Registration


    1. Registration must be completed by a Parent or Legal Guardian of the camper.

    2. Entire Registration is online and in two parts.
    • Part I is for camper information, to submit camper birth certificate and for camp selection.
    • Part II is to submit a copy of health insurance ID, proof of COVID vaccination, medical clearance form and provide camper health information.

    3. All entries will be processed in order of submission of the application and accuracy/validity of submitted documentation.

    4. Camper application will be processed after Part I but a Camper is not enrolled until completion and acceptance of Part II of the application.

    5. If any of the submitted information or documentation is inaccurate or cannot be validated, the application will be moved to the end of the waitlist.
    To avoid getting waitlisted, please take the time to submit accurate & valid information!

    6. Space is limited so the best chance for enrollment is to provide complete, accurate, and valid information in a timely manner. No applications or documents will be accepted after the due date.

    7. All correspondence will be via parent's email address on this registration form. Please make sure to check your spam folder if you do not see a confirmation email in your inbox after this submission.

    8. Multiple registrations for same camper name and birthdate combination are not allowed.

    9. All Registrations will be voided if dispute is filed with Stripe, credit card company or bank.

    10. All submitted information is stored on a secure website.

    For more information, please contact onlinereg@vrajyouth.net or visit our website at www.vrajyouth.net.

  • Vegetarian food containing onions, garlic, milk products and gluten is served. Unless required for a medical condition and stated on the Medical Clearance Form by a Physician, camp kitchen and dining facility cannot accommodate any dietary preferences. DO NOT submit the application if this is an issue.
  • Visit www.vrajyouth.net for cell phone and electronic devices policy. DO NOT submit the application if this is an issue.
  • I have read and understand the camper registration policy and information above. I attest that all information provided in the application will be accurate and valid.