The Vraj Youth Scholarship was first established in 2006 in order to honor and encourage well-rounded youth in their educational endeavors. The scholarship started with one $500 undergraduate award in 2006, and now has grown to three $1,000 awards open to both undergraduate and graduate students. Students showing exceptional academic achievement and promise, as well as demonstrated interested and practice in volunteer and community services, are asked to apply. The Vraj Youth Scholarship is strictly merit-based; demonstrated financial need is not necessary. 

Types of Scholarships

  • Merit Scholarship: Undergraduate Students Only
  • Community Service Scholarship: Undergraduate & Graduate Students
  • Scholars Scholarship: Graduate Students Only

Previous Winners


Merit Scholarship: Reshma Parikh
Community Service: Maya Patel
Scholars: Darshan Bhalodia


Merit Scholarship: Jash Mirani
Community Service: Sonali Patel
Scholars: Hena Vora


Merit Scholarship: Ayush Parikh
Community Service: Ami Gadhia
Scholars: Devika Gandhi


Merit Scholarship: Parth Shah
Community Service: Bhavik Parikh
Scholars: Swati Shah


Merit Scholarship: Aastha Choksi
Community Service: Anish Patel
Scholars: Chirag Sheth


Merit Scholarship: Vinay Shah
Community Service: Avisha Shah
Scholars: Megh Trivedi

Information for Donors

If you are interested in supporting the Vraj Youth Scholarship’s mission of encouraging youth in their educational undertakings, please consider donating to the Vraj Youth Scholarship Fund.  As our committee and youth following grows, we strive to support them as much as possible.  We plan on increasing our scholarship awards in the years to come, but unfortunately, this goal is not one that can be achieved on our own.   With your help, however, our goal of starting a Vraj Youth Scholarship Endowment Fund should not be greatly out of reach.  Your donation will be deeply appreciated, not only by the Vraj Youth Committee, but also by every struggling student whose scholarship award provides a slightly easier road to paying for a prestigious college education